Month: January 2024

Why NAV should be calculated by a trusted source

By Brian D. Milovich / January 30, 2024

Non-traded REITs calculate NAV (Net Asset Value) in many ways. Some perform third-party appraisals on every property. This can be a true arms-length analysis. Often, though, it’s influenced by the one ordering the appraisal. Additionally, appraisals are backwards-looking and may not reflect current values. Our preferred way to calculate NAV uses inputs from both the broker and appraiser communities. For extra scrutiny, an independent auditor reviews our NAV models. This is to ensure the result conforms to market standards.

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Why real estate is the next asset class to outperform

By Brian D. Milovich / January 19, 2024

It’s one of the few major asset classes that hasn’t recovered yet. The stock market was up 24% in 2023. Bond yields fell significantly from highs earlier in the year, meaning that prices soared to end 2023. Even Bitcoin rallied and returned 150% for the year. Apartments are attractive as they remain 20-30% off their highs from early 2022. Between improved cash flow and appreciation potential, multifamily real estate is set to outperform in 2024.

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5 Predictions for the Multifamily Investment Market in 2024

By Brian D. Milovich / January 5, 2024

1. Phenomenal buying opportunity as time runs out for many owners.
2. Considerable new apartment supply creates tepid rent growth.
3. Insurance and other expenses will remain elevated, causing NOI (net operating income) to be flat or down from 2023.
4. We’ll get clarity on the 10-year US Treasury by Q3…either 3.5% or 5.5%.
5. Cash will be trash again.

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