Answers to three questions investors are currently asking us:


Brian D. Milovich

Managing Principal, Calvera Partners

1) What are the advantages of your “evergreen” structure?

The biggest benefit is that your money keeps working for you. We will work to defer any capital gains taxes indefinitely. This allows you to fully maximize your investment with us. Also, with a focus on cash flow, regular and growing quarterly distributions are another benefit.

2) Why is placing assets in a REIT advantageous to investors?

This allows a reporting burden to be lifted for investors. The REIT will handle all state filings where it owns property and the investor will not have to do this themselves. Additionally, income generated at the fund via the REIT will be taxed at the dividend rate. It’s also possible that some income will be treated as a return of capital and thus not initially taxed for the investor.

3) What is the ideal property for Calvera’s Income and Growth Fund?

The ideal property is an apartment community built in the 1990s or early 2000s where we can install a high-ROI technology package, implement sustainability practices to reduce utility costs, and renovate units and common areas to a high modern standard. We believe this segment has the best prospects for value creation given the recent reduction in property values.


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