Calvera Multifamily Transformation Fund

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[norebro_text text_color=”brand” text_typo=”font_size~22||weight~700″]Targeting a net leveraged IRR of 12-15% or a 1.8-2.0x net multiple[/norebro_text]

Calvera is targeting $30+ million in capital commitments for the Multifamily Transformation Fund, which will invest in apartment properties in need of renovation and rebranding. Target returns are a net leveraged IRR of 12–15% or a net leveraged return multiple of 1.8–2.0x. Calvera’s exited real estate investments have delivered a weighted average 32.9% net leveraged IRR and a 2.3x net leveraged multiple*, while providing cash distributions during the hold period.

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Join Calvera for an online Q&A

Accredited investors are invited to join a 30-minute Q&A on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 11 am PST. This live, interactive discussion with the Calvera management team is designed to answer your questions and offer details about our latest investment opportunity. To register and submit questions in advance, click here.

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Seeing potential where others don’t

[/norebro_text][norebro_text text_typo=”font_size~16||weight~inherit” text_color=”#464954″]Each property that we acquire is transformed through the addition of desirable amenities and modern design elements that attract renters. We create unique apartment brands based on the refined aesthetics of the boutique hotel industry, rivaling the appeal of new construction. As a result, we have consistently increased property income, leading to potential significant growth in value.[/norebro_text]

[norebro_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~20||weight~inherit”]About Calvera
Founded in 2010, Calvera Partners is a real estate investment firm that acquires and repositions apartment communities using inspiration from the boutique hotel industry. Our strategy provides accredited investors with long-term cash flow potential and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Managing Principals, Brian Chuck, Brian Milovich and David Saxe have a combined 50 years of real estate and finance experience and have been involved in more than $1.0 billion of real estate investment over the course of their careers. The firm launched its third fund, the Multifamily Transformation Fund, in July of this year. Previous exited real estate investments sponsored by Calvera have delivered a weighted average 32.9% net leveraged IRR and a 2.3x net leveraged multiple*, while providing cash distributions during the hold period.[/norebro_text]
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